But don’t take my word for it…


You’ve heard me say it in sunny summer, and it’s worth saying again in gray winter: Clean your carpets regularly. Frequent professional cleaning has many benefits which are not limited to keeping your home looking great. As LeVar Burton always says on Reading Rainbow, “But don’t take my word for it!” Check this out: I stumbled upon this article from Cleanlink this morning which offers up the top ten reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned year round, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a professional cleaning right now, in the cold clutches of winter but is considering putting it off until Spring for fear of Mother Nature.

Don’t fret! A professional carpet cleaning technician should come prepared for winter. Expect them to arrive with walk-off mats to clean their boots and door-blocks to keep your warm air (and pets) in while keeping Old Man Winter out.

Entryway carpets get the most abuse this time of year, and if you’re considering a cleaning, this is where I’d recommend you focus. Remember, carpet cleaning does not have to be a massive, all inclusive, expensive affair. Randy’s Carpet Care has a $60 minimum charge, and this may be all it takes to freshen up your entry and protect it from the damaging effects of mud, salt, and sand that inevitably gets tracked in.

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You can’t live without these things, but you don’t know their story…


NOTE: This blog was originally published May 25, 2016.

In the world of invention and innovation, the gents tend to get the lion’s share of public recognition. This is certainly true for innovators of household products, even products that are staples and household names. For example, we’ve all heard of William Procter and James Gamble, but show of hands: Who’s heard of Annie Murray? Mrs. Murray was the wife of an early investor in the failing Electro-Alkaline Company in 1916. Their chief product, Clorox Bleach, had up to that point been used by industry and the military (who, no joke, used it to clean battlefield wounds). Annie saw it’s potential as a household cleaner.

ANNIE: We should market liquid bleach to housewives. The money will… uh… Pour in.

MR MURRAY: You’re crazy. That’s the worst idea since plastic.

ANNIE: Watch this.

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Is it even possible to clean this?


Think of your carpet like a sponge, soaking up dust, allergens, and dirt in your home. The thoroughfares with the most regular foot action, like the carpet leading into the kitchen and bathroom, will soak in the most dirt.  Sure, you vacuum, of course you do, but the vacuum isn’t getting one hundred percent of the dirt out. Need a good reason to have your carpet professionally cleaned? Over time, your carpet sponge will drink in it’s fill, and you’ll be left with visible traffic patterns like the one pictured above.

Ew, gross.

Now, first of all, you can prevent this. I’ve written about that before, so I’ll refer you here.

Second, regular vacuuming will and does make a difference. Follow this link to more on that.

Finally, to answer the question posed above: Yes! It is possible to clean your heavy traffic patterns away. Chances are, wearing will still be visible to some degree, but the dirt will come out, and a professional carpet cleaning technician can oftentimes make a significant improvement.

For example: Above is the before picture. Below is the after.



If you have any questions about the traffic patterns in your West Michigan home, call Randy’s Carpet Care for a free estimate today! (616) 392-1400


Are you actually performing this absolutely important task?


Mornings are the worst, man. My family rushes around in a frenzy, a tornado of toothbrushes, oatmeal, backpacks, and untied shoelaces. Besides the wooshing sounds, you’re likely to hear things like, “She’s being mean!” and “You have ten minutes!” and my personal favorite, “Stoooop iiiiiit!” Then, just as quickly as the morning madness descended upon us, we’re out the door for a day at work and school. When we return home, a new weather pattern emerges with homework, dinner, dishes, laundry, baths, and bedtimes. (Woosh! Stop it!) We hardly ever take the time to look down and think about the carpet under our feet.

Do you?

Given the regular barrage of daily tasks we all work at to keep our households running, carpet cleaning isn’t usually the first priority on most folk’s minds. It’s not like you need a steam cleaning every day, right?

Some people go years without cleaning their carpets. “We vacuum, and it’s just my husband and I here, and we take our shoes off at the door,” says many a nice customer when chatting with me about a potential cleaning. My response is always the same. “Just because the carpet doesn’t look dirty, doesn’t mean it’s not.” See, vacuuming, as important as it is, removes most dirt, but not all of it. If you haven’t had your carpet professionally cleaned in years, there’s years worth of dirt, dead skin cells, hair, bacteria, germs, and allergens under your feet. It’s not the most healthy scene. As if that’s not bad enough, the dirt in the heaviest trafficked areas of your home is accelerating the wearing of the carpet fibers. This is also true of your upholstered furniture.

Other folks clean their own carpets. This is probably fine for light maintenance or spotting, but chances are, you’re using one chemical for every spot, and some specific spotting requires specific chemicals and sometimes specific processes in order to get the job done right. Furthermore, when you use soap to clean your carpet, you risk leaving residues behind which will act as a magnet to dirt and cause the carpet to look bad relatively quickly.

So, the question becomes, how often should you have your carpet professionally cleaned?

Once annually.

Annual carpet cleaning will not only keep your carpet looking great, it will help keep your home free from germs and allergens as well as increasing the carpet’s useful life. This need not be a major operation every year. If you had a wall to wall cleaning last year, schedule your open areas to be cleaned this year. Traffic areas are the most important areas to keep clean. Under your couch and bed and dresser, the carpet is not getting that dirty, and if the furniture reaches down to the floor, it’s not even possible for the carpet to get dirty.

So, take a break from the daily tasking tornado and give Randy’s Carpet Care a call. We’re hear for you snow or shine and estimates are always free. (800)920-2202

Woosh! Stop it!


Be afraid! You won’t actually believe this terrifying truth!


Dead skin cells. Dust mites. Pet dander. Hair. Crumbs. Sweat. Dirt. Pollen. Germs. Nanobots. As the years pass, a little bit of every snack, a little bit of every spill, and even a little bit of your own family and friends gets left behind in your furniture. Who knows what may be revealed if the upholstery of your couch was to be put under a microscope… Uncleaned furniture is not just gross, it can also cause adverse health effects to those with weakened immune systems.

It makes your favorite spot to chill in front of the tube a little less inviting, eh?

So, your love-seat isn’t quite so lovely anymore, and you’re all set to DIY with your apron on, a towel in one hand, and a garden hose in the other. The fact of the matter is, you can’t clean your own upholstery… (Continue reading.)

You won’t believe what’s made from this versatile product!


Last summer, after going for a swim in the lake, my little boy broke out in hives. Itchy red splotches were covering the poor kid. He looked like a Dr. Seuss character, some Who from Whoville painted in haphazard polka-dots. It wasn’t the first time, but it was to be the last. His mom made him an appointment with an allergist. Just a few days later, he received a blood test. The results? He was allergic to grasses, trees, sesame seeds, peanuts, wheat, and corn.

He was allergic to the world.

As dutiful parents, we set out to change our family’s diet. Research was conducted, menus were assembled, ingredient lists were compiled. Armed with smart phones and Google in the grocery store, we came to the shocking realization that food shopping was now near the impossible end of the spectrum. When a product is corn free, it usually has wheat. Wheat free usually has corn. Corn, in fact, is used in just about everything. In food, corn is often times used as a binding agent (a good rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce a listed ingredient, it’s probably corn). I dare you to make a pie crust without corn or wheat. Go ahead. I double dog dare you.

Anyways, long story short, we dodged that bullet. After two weeks of attempted corn free, wheat free living, a scratch test for allergies revealed that several of the previously identified allergens were false positives. He had no allergy to wheat or corn after all.


It was an eye opening experience, however, in particular when it comes to our relationship with corn. Corn is in everything, man, it’s about as versatile as it gets.  Besides food products galore, you’ll also find corn in sunscreen, lipstick, gasoline, plastics, and even in the carpeting between your toes. For obvious reasons, this was of professional interest to me.


After my experience with the little dude, the subject of corn carpet kept cropping up in conversations with my coworkers and clients. Mike Sheridan, Randy’s Carpet Care’s senior-most technician, recommends it with a near religious fervor. Clients who own it are proud owners, like someone with a Best-In-Show Golden Retriever. Clients who haven’t heard of it, are shocked and awed by it’s very existence. “Does it feel harsh?” they ask. “Can you tell the difference from regular carpet?” they continue. “Why would I want carpeting made from corn?”

I’ve gone back to research mode, and I wanted to share my findings with you. In short, “corn carpet” is kind of a misnomer. The fibers made from corn and used to manufacture carpet are actually called Triexta, manufactured by DuPont and made into carpet by Mohawk and Godfrey Hirst as the brand names “SmartStrand”  and “EcoPlus,” respectively. While corn is a component, Triexta’s constituent parts include about 30% corn sugar, which is used as an alternative to oils to make a plastic not unlike polyester but with the added benefits of stain and wear resistance. These fibers are then used in the typical manufacturing process. Mike holds this carpet in such high regard because it cleans up so nice and has impressive staying power.

Let’s dig deeper, shall we?

First, what is corn? A fruit? Vegetable? Grain? Alien shape-shifter? Try this link for answers: http://www.newhealthguide.org/Is-Corn-A-Vegetable.html

Second, what is made from corn? Here’s a list: http://www.bcps.org/offices/lis/models/slamdunks/amaizeingdebate/Assignment_9_McCall_Products_That_Use_Corn.pdf

Third, can carpet made from Triexta stand up to three weeks of abuse from zoo animals? Check this out: https://www.electrodry.com.au/a-smelly-lounge-no-more/

Finally, what do other industry professionals think? Here’s the skinny from the Carpet Captain: http://www.carpetcaptain.com/smartstrand-carpet/

Funny how a negative experience can lead you down a path of positive discovery. Have you ever dove into a rabbit hole in this manner? Do you have carpet made from Triexta? What has your experience been? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.



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