Tulip Time 2017


Every Spring, our quiet little beach town of Holland, MI becomes a tourist Mecca, as people from all over the world come to see our thousands millions of tulips in bloom. There are three parades during the festivities, and for the first time, Randy’s Carpet Care participated in all three. What a great experience! I brought my eight year old son, Viktor, to the first parade. This was the Volksparade (or the “People’s Parade”), which includes a procession of street scrubbers in Dutch costume. I had Viktor blow soap bubbles at the crowd with  a motorized bubble fan out of the passenger-side window. You wouldn’t believe how many people yelled “Bubbles!” at us, cheering! To the second parade, the Kinderparade (or the “Children’s Parade”), I brought my ten year old daughter, Evie. Just as her brother did the day before, Evie blew bubbles at the crowd and had an absolute blast. Finally, for the last parade, the Muziekparade (or the “Music Parade”), Rick Harrington, a RCC Technician, drove the van while I blew the bubbles.

Here are some pictures from the experience:

And here are a couple videos of that amazing crowd:


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