How much time to complete this important operation?

by Jeremy Strickland


Above you, the florescent lights are blinding. To your left and to your right, hospital staff comes and goes in powder-blue scrubs, gloves, masks, and skull caps. They poke and prod your arms while words of comfort escape their lip-less faces. Your gurney is moving now, one of the wheels a bit squeaky. Above you, lights come and go. A woman’s voice announces a Code 6 in Emergency, Code 6 in Emergency. Above you, a surgeon’s head moves into your line of sight from a funny angle, blocking the lights. “Don’t worry, ma’am,” she assures you as you pass an orderly with a cafeteria cart, broadcasting the scent of turkey and mashed potatoes at your nose. “Brain surgery is routine. We do it all the time, every day,” she continues. You smile at her as best as you can with the oxygen tube in your mouth.”Why, we’re so efficient, we’ll have you in and out of the operating theater, alive and well in under an hour or your money back! Guaranteed!”

Wait. What?!?

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Some things shouldn’t be rushed. Carpet cleaning isn’t brain surgery, but it is an operation in your very own sanctuary, a science and an art with a right way of doing things and a wrong way of doing things. Some carpet cleaning companies will “gun and run,” valuing quantity (more customers crammed into a day equates to more cash in pocket, after all) over quality work. Well, a fast cleaning is not synonymous with a job well done.

How long should it take? Until the job is done.

An hour is not a sufficient amount of time to dig into a frontal lobe or to clean the carpet of an entire apartment, let alone a house. In most cases, if a technician gets a job done this quickly, he’s sacrificing quality in one way or another. When deciding on the right carpet cleaning company for you and your family, be sure to ask about timing. Take advantage of offers for free estimates, as this will give you the opportunity to elaborate on your priorities and gauge realistic expectations for your cleaning, including cost, quality commitment, and timing. That’s using your brain!

Carpet cleaning is routine. We do it all the time, every day. Randy’s Carpet Care will be in and out of your home in the time it takes to ensure a job performed to our own award winning standards. Guaranteed!

Call today for your free estimate: (616)392-1400

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