You can’t live without these things, but you don’t know their story…


NOTE: This blog was originally published May 25, 2016.

In the world of invention and innovation, the gents tend to get the lion’s share of public recognition. This is certainly true for innovators of household products, even products that are staples and household names. For example, we’ve all heard of William Procter and James Gamble, but show of hands: Who’s heard of Annie Murray? Mrs. Murray was the wife of an early investor in the failing Electro-Alkaline Company in 1916. Their chief product, Clorox Bleach, had up to that point been used by industry and the military (who, no joke, used it to clean battlefield wounds). Annie saw it’s potential as a household cleaner.

ANNIE: We should market liquid bleach to housewives. The money will… uh… Pour in.

MR MURRAY: You’re crazy. That’s the worst idea since plastic.

ANNIE: Watch this.

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