Is it even possible to clean this?


Think of your carpet like a sponge, soaking up dust, allergens, and dirt in your home. The thoroughfares with the most regular foot action, like the carpet leading into the kitchen and bathroom, will soak in the most dirt.  Sure, you vacuum, of course you do, but the vacuum isn’t getting one hundred percent of the dirt out. Need a good reason to have your carpet professionally cleaned? Over time, your carpet sponge will drink in it’s fill, and you’ll be left with visible traffic patterns like the one pictured above.

Ew, gross.

Now, first of all, you can prevent this. I’ve written about that before, so I’ll refer you here.

Second, regular vacuuming will and does make a difference. Follow this link to more on that.

Finally, to answer the question posed above: Yes! It is possible to clean your heavy traffic patterns away. Chances are, wearing will still be visible to some degree, but the dirt will come out, and a professional carpet cleaning technician can oftentimes make a significant improvement.

For example: Above is the before picture. Below is the after.



If you have any questions about the traffic patterns in your West Michigan home, call Randy’s Carpet Care for a free estimate today! (616) 392-1400



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