Randy’s Carpet Care FAQ


Over the course of the last six months, I’ve used this blog to provide in-depth answers to many frequently asked questions, but I thought it might be helpful to list the questions and answers in one spot. Below are some of our most common queries and answers. To dig deeper and learn more, follow the included links to articles which elaborate on these subjects.

  1. Q: How long have you been in business? A: Randy’s Carpet Care has been serving West Michigan since 1980! (See article.)
  2. Q: Do you have an office in Muskegon or Grand Rapids? A: No. We are based out of Holland. We do, however, service a wide swath of West Michigan, including (but not limited to) Holland, Zeeland, Wyoming, Grand Rapids, Hamilton, Saugatuck, Douglas, South Haven, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, & Muskegon. (See article.)
  3. Q: How much does carpet/upholstery cleaning cost? A: It depends on the size and nature of the job. If you tell us about your concerns and know (or can approximate) your square footage, we can give you a rough estimate on the phone. You can also schedule a technician to come to your home to give you an accurate estimate for free.
  4. Q: How long will it take? A: Our professional cleaning technicians will take the necessary time to get the job done right, but jobs of approximately 500 square feet or so take about 2 hours, plus or minus. (See article.)
  5. Q: Should I vacuum before the technician arrives? A: Yes. Vacuuming is more important if the carpet is covered in debris, such as after renovations have occurred, but it never hurts to run the vacuum before we arrive. (See article.)
  6. Q: Do you move furniture? A: Yes. We factor the movement of furniture into our square footage pricing. We’re happy to move any furniture within reason, so, “yes” to your sofa, “no” to your antique China closet full of Faberge eggs.
  7. Q: Do you have any deals or coupons available?  A: Yes. Vacant properties and/or jobs with three pieces of furniture or less for our technicians to move will receive a ten percent discount off of the square footage cost. You may also want to consider Scotchgard to help make your cleaning go further and to help save you money in the long run. (See article.)
  8. Q: When will my carpet be dry? A: Plan for approximately 24 hours of dry time. (See article.)
  9. Q: If I have my carpet professionally cleaned, won’t it get dirty faster? A: No. This is a common misconception, or to be more accurate, a generalization. Randy’s Carpet Care’s Hot Water Extraction process does not leave behind soap or chemical residues, therefore your carpet will not get dirty any faster than it did prior to the cleaning. (See article.)
  10. Q: How often should I get my carpets cleaned? A: At least once annually. Not only does professional carpet and upholstery cleaning help to make your home look its best, it also removes germs, allergens, and increases the useful life of your carpet and furniture. (See article.)

Anything else that you need to know? Shoot me an email. I’m always happy to help! (See article.jeremy@randyscarpetcare.com



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