Look Out Below


Parents everywhere are locked in a constant struggle to make their kids pay attention. “Look up!” I find myself calling out to my own seven and nine year old children at least once every other day. “Eyes forward!” I plead for the bajillionth time. “Stop watching your feet!”

Eventually, our parental words of wisdom, musings, and outright screaming fits will sink into their precious little information sponges, and our growing children will (hopefully) develop a fine(r) sense of awareness; a keen(er) ability to take in a scene and react accordingly(ish).

Remember when you yourself were in perpetual danger of stepping unaware into a busy avenue or walking directly into a brick wall? Ah, the good old days.

With this in mind, dear reader, I challenge you to go against conditioning, to rebel, to devolve, to revert back to that time when watching your feet was an enjoyable and fulfilling pastime. “Look down,” I say to you.

The floor under your feet is something you expend very little brain power on. Most of us take it for granted. It’s there. It keeps us from falling through the Earth. So what. Carpeting is, however, rich in history and ever evolving manufacturing technology.

“Made How” and “How Stuff Works” have a couple of great articles on this topic, full of wisdom and musings (while being short on screaming fits), and I present them to you now so that you may expand upon your own keen awareness. Follow this link to Made How’s in-depth article which starts you out in 3000 BCE with Ancient Egyptians or follow this link to How Stuff Work’s (less in-depth but still informative) article on the carpet manufacturing process.

Enjoy, and watch your feet!



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