Eight Tips For Preventing Carpet Wearing

This post was originally published on March 8, but I would like to share it again with a few minor corrections made. Also, this is such a common phenomenon and frequent conversation point with our customers, it is definitely worth revisiting.

Randy's Carpet Care

vacuumLook for it, and you’ll see it in most carpeted homes: visible traffic paths. You’ll see these worn and dingy looking areas where the carpet meets the kitchen floor, going down the hall, at the front door, around the couch, in front of Grandpa’s favorite recliner; wherever the carpet gets heavy foot traffic.  On a long enough timeline, visible traffic paths are inevitable, but don’t abandon ye all hope. Instead:

  1. Take off your shoes. Going around in socks or house slippers is your best option. Leave your shoes at the front door and the dirt outside.
  2. Vacuum. Vacuum early, vacuum often. Vacuum every day if you can; it doesn’t take long. Pay special attention to those areas prone to trampling. Make sure the bag or cylinder or whatever receptacle your vacuum has is emptied. Vacuum. It’s not just for scaring the dog anymore.
  3. Don’t ignore spots when they happen

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