Going Above and Beyond


During our 36 years of operation, Randy’s Carpet Care has seen it all, and we’ve developed solutions to problems above and beyond the usual dirty carpet and upholstery we’re called in to clean. Consider the following before calling us:

  • SAVE: If you have a couch or recliner that needs work, you can save $20 by having both carpet and upholstery cleaned in the same appointment. What upholstered furniture in your home needs to be cleaned? 
  • SANITIZE: We can apply a self sanitizing antimicrobial treatment after the cleaning. This is a great option if you want to keep your home germ free. Which rooms would you like this applied to? (NOTE: This is a great option for parents or folks with weakened immune systems.)
  • PROTECT: Scotchgaard works like the coating of a non-stick pan. Your carpet was probably Scotchgaarded in the manufacturing process, and it doesn’t wear off, but it does rub off because of foot traffic after about a year, especially in traffic lanes. We offer a 1 Year stain free protection plan when we Scotchgaard entire rooms. We could also just Scotchgaard the traffic lanes. Which of these options works best for you? (NOTE: Fabric Protector works like Scotchgaard for upholstery.)

Concerned about dry time? We have industrial blowers available to you. Do you have a wool rug that you’re concerned about? We’ll take it to our shop and deliver it to you when it’s clean. Are you concerned about the smell left behind by a previous resident’s heavy smoking habit or naughty cats? We have ozone machines to mitigate odor.

Randy’s Carpet Care is proud to provide the best options and the best customer service. It’s no wonder we’ve been voted Best In West Michigan by the readers of the Holland Sentinel for 13 consecutive years! To learn more and schedule your free estimate, call us today at (616) 392-1400!



3 thoughts on “Going Above and Beyond

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