Six Expectations (or: What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Professional Carpet Cleaning Technician)


When you go out on a dinner date, you expect your food to taste good, right? Right. Of course. That’s a given. You may also bring other expectations to your table for two. For example, you might expect the food presentation to be symmetrical or your waitress to have a keen eye for accessorizing. Perhaps you expect to dine by candlelight or the restaurant’s atmosphere to be reminiscent of your Aunt Ruth’s summer home on Macinac Island in early September. Maybe you’re simpler than all of that. Maybe it’s only important to you that your coffee cup be filled and refilled. Not to make wild assumptions, but I’m sure we all expect the establishment we’re eating in to be sparkling clean, right? Right.

It’s no different when you invite a professional carpet cleaning technician into your home; there’s more to expect than the cleaning itself. You should expect an experience. There’s nothing like having a fresh space to work, create, and care for your family in. This is the bottom line expectation to have for a professional carpet cleaning, but to get the best experience possible, the biggest bang for your bucks, it is fair to expect the following from your technician:

  1. Expect your technician to be neat and uniformed. Uniforms may seem like an industry standard, but they’re not.
  2. Your time should be valued. Carpet and upholstery cleaning is not an exact science. Every home is different, so ours is a profession with variables. To that point, you’ll be given an arrival window as opposed to an exact arrival time for your appointment. However, if your tech is running outside of that window, expect to be informed.
  3. A clean walk-off mat should be placed at your front door so that the tech can wipe his feet off. No cleaning should involve bringing more dirt into your home.
  4. Runners should be rolled out on hardwood floors and anywhere the movement of hoses may do damage. Plastic corner guards may also be necessary in some cases. “Do no damage,” should be first and foremost in your technicians mind.
  5. A door block should be put in place to regulate temperature in your home and to keep pets inside.
  6. “Good enough” is unacceptable. While damaged carpet (see: visible traffic paths) can’t be fixed with a cleaning, and some staining is permanent, your technician should utilize every tool and every skill at their disposal before calling the job complete. Getting the job done fast is not getting the job done right.

We don’t work by candlelight, and we can’t give your home Aunt Ruth’s patented atmosphere, but after thirty-six years of experience, Randy’s Carpet Care knows that your experience with our technicians is as valuable as the final result of your cleaning. Call today for your free estimate: (616) 392-1400.



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