Memes for marketing.


I read an interesting marketing blog post which talked about one of the most commonly shared items on social media, cat memes, and how they are being used for inter-office communications in big corporations. People on computers are stopped by cute cats all the time, so why not ask for those TPS reports on Monday via cat meme instead of memo? Wouldn’t that be more engaging than paragraphs of small black symbols against a white backdrop? This lit my brain on fire. See, I always saw memes as a medium for jokes, witticisms, and cuteness, never as an effective way to communicate. It makes since, though. According to the article, when communications are wordy, they get skimmed over by the average Joseph. This is certainly true of marketing materials I receive; I skim over sales emails all the time (when I don’t just delete them without bothering to open them).

To this point, I have been creating memes, cat and otherwise, to spread our message on the internets. Does this actually work? Would your interest be piqued if one of the below memes appeared in your social media feed? Would you be stopped in your tracks by it? Did you get the memo? Let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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