What lives in your couch may scare you…


Dead skin cells. Dust mites. Pet dander. Hair. Crumbs. Sweat. Dirt. Pollen. Germs. Nanobots. As the years pass, a little bit of every snack, a little bit of every spill, and even a little bit of your family and friends gets left behind in your furniture. Who knows what else would be revealed if the upholstery of your couch was put under a microscope… Uncleaned furniture is not just gross, it can also cause adverse health effects to those with weakened immune systems.

It makes your favorite spot to chill in front of the tube a little less inviting, eh?

So, your love-seat isn’t quite so lovely anymore; you’ve got your apron on and you’re all set to DIY, a towel in one hand, and a garden hose in the other. The fact of the matter is, you can’t clean your own upholstery. Household cleaners and specialty products may help with some staining, but they will not break the surface to deep clean or remove the debris. Furthermore, self cleaning oftentimes leads to over-wetting of the furniture (put the garden hose down, civilian), which may lead to a worsening. Avoid the worsening. Call in a professional.

Randy’s Carpet Care employs skilled upholstery cleaning professionals who have the right tools for the job. We utilize specific chemicals for specific spots, extract the steaming hot water used for rinsing, deodorize to neutralize odor, kill the nasties and disable the nanobots.

Whether you’re cat has had an “accident” or you’ve not had your davenport professionally cleaned in 15 years, Randy’s has you covered. BONUS: If you schedule you’re carpet and upholstery to be cleaned during the same appointment, you will save $20! Call today for your free estimate. (800) 920-2202



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