What is Steam Cleaning?


When thinking of having your carpets cleaned, the phrase that probably comes to mind to describe the process is “steam cleaning.” That’s what carpet cleaners do, right? Sure they do, there’s even that company with “steam” in their name and that catchy jingle on TV.

The thing is, “steam cleaning” is a misnomer.

At Randy’s Carpet Care, our professional Carpet Cleaning Technicians use a process called “Hot Water Extraction,” the same process which is usually referred to as “steam cleaning,” but the steam is a result of, rather than the agent of, the cleaning.

Our technicians spray your carpet with a chemical solution that contains carpet cleaning soap and a deodorizer, then their wand is used to agitate the carpet fibers, rinse the the chemical and dirt out, and extract it all. The water used for rinsing is very hot, so this is where the “steam” in steam cleaning comes in. This is a self contained process; our trucks are equipped with both clean water and waste water tanks. Depending on the level of dirt in the carpet, this process may be repeated two or three times. You may even see your technician use a spray bottle with stronger, stain specific chemicals for treatment and a carpet rake to further agitate some heavily soiled areas. Most often, the areas requiring this extra attention are traffic paths and the spots in your home where the carpet meets a hard surface, like the entrance to your kitchen. This extra attention to detail is one reason why a visit from Randy’s make take a little longer than a visit from one of our competitors. 

If you’re considering a cleaning and want to call around for information, always ask about the process. Some companies use a similar extraction process, but they do not use hot water to rinse out the chemicals they’ve put into your carpets. Imagine scrubbing yourself with soap and shampoo and not showering it off afterwards! Not rinsing the carpets may expediate soiling, as the soapy residues left behind trap dirt.  It is imperative that the carpets are rinsed so that only clean fibers are left behind. This is of particular importance when an area like the traffic paths or the entrance to your kitchen has received extra chemicals and attention.

Remember, regular carpet cleaning not only helps your home to look its best, it also extends the useful life of your carpet and removes germs and allergens. We recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once annually to achieve these benefits. Call us today to at (616) 392-1400 learn more about our services and the processes used to perform them!



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